In 2012, I began making granola for my daughter, Ella, when she started eating "real" food as a homemade, healthy snack.  She absolutely went crazy for it and I made it all the time, because she couldn't get enough.  It was important to me to use seeds instead of nuts, the highest quality organic ingredients and find the best local maple syrup.  For her second birthday, I put together favor bags that everyone loved.  Afterward, friends and family were asking for their own batches, and also recommended selling it.  Grandola Granola became an LLC in March of '14, and "Ella's Favorite" was launched the beginning of April '14.  

I'm truly overwhelmed and honored with the positive acceptance into this industry that I have received.  The blessings are abundant and I adore the interaction with the people who love their Grandola the most!  Without the support of my loved ones, especially my Husband, Tobe and of course, Ella herself, this wouldn't be possible.  

Fortune can only be achieved if when you find it, you also find yourself fortunate!

See you soon,



Written by Jamie Coates-Donohue, Owner of Grandola Granola LLC.